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Full time Accounting Position available at ourn Dorchester main office.
See our employment page for details

Now taking applications for seasonal positions at our new
Brokaw Grain Site. See our employment page for details

Vehicle Hazards: Agricultural related vehicle accidents can cause serious injury or death.
Heartland Cooperative Services encourages all its members & employees
to read this information on vehicle safety.

New Developments in Electrolyte Therapy. Learn more at Angies corner
Read about Land - -Lakes Electrolyte System

Propane Pre-buy Program. July 1 through August 31, 2014.
Start planning now!

Propane market uncertainly continues.

Propane market volatility will continue into the upcoming season. Save money and protect yourself against shortages by taking advantage of the Heartland Cooperative Pre-buy Program. The Pre-buy Program starts July 1 and ends August 31, 2014. The  program is open to both commercial and residential customers. Learn more about the expected volatility of the coming propane season and how the Heartland Pre-Buy Program can protect you.




Angie's Corner

Angie Metcalf, Heartland Cooperative's Calf & Heifer Specialist

Angie can assist you in increasing the Yield, Efficiency and Profits of your calf and heifer raising operations.
Contact he at Heartland Cooperatives Services home office: (715) 654-5134 or 1-800-521-2021
or e-mail her at Ametcalf@heartlandcooperativeservices.com

Listen to 'Answers from The Heartland' every Saturday morning at 5:50am on WDEZ 101.9 with Angie and WDEZ farm director Mike Austin.  Click the WDEZ logo below to listen to last week's show.


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Sep 15 392'2 397'0 389'4 389'4 -2'4 390'2s 03:57P Chart for @C5U
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Jan 15 968'0 990'0 967'0 968'6 -2'0 969'6s 02:35P Chart for @S5F
Mar 15 976'0 996'6 974'4 975'2 -2'0 977'0s 02:33P Chart for @S5H
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Dec 14 19.17 19.40 19.05 19.23 -0.04 19.23s 04:00P Chart for @DA4Z
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Dec 14 167.800 168.400 167.700 168.050 1.050 168.100s 01:10P Chart for LC4Z
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Jan 15 3334 3432 3277 3295 - 42 3300s 01:30P Chart for @SM5F
Mar 15 3244 3325 3192 3207 - 35 3215s 03:33P Chart for @SM5H
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      What's New at
Heartland Cooperative?

Heartland Cooperatives New
Brokaw Grain Site

Now accepting dry corn and beans
While still in the process of remodeling, the new Brokaw grain site is now accepting dry corn and dry beans.
Open seven days a week 8am-6pm.
Contact Mill Manager Mark at 715-218-4054 for inclement weather instructions. Click this link for more information and directions

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Omega Valley Farmers™

Heartland Cooperative now offers a revolutionary new "Naturally Derived Omega3" feeding concept. With this feed program we now have the ability to naturally change the amount of Omega3 Fatty Acids in milk, butter, beef, chicken, turkey, hogs, fish and more. Click HERE to learn more.


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responsible for almost all the economic growth
in the United States.
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The Strength of Heartland Cooperative Services.

In today’s world of big box stores and a one size fits all mentality, where quality and service often takes a back seat, it is nice to be a part of an organization like Heartland Cooperative Services of Dorchester. For decades Heartland has been dedicated to helping local farmers, agricultural businesses along with smaller north central Wisconsin city folks, grow and prosper as well as helping rural homeowners meet the challenges and enjoy the benefits of country living.

Because we keep quality and service high, prices competitive and expenses down, we have never, in the history of this co-op during my 26+ years at the helm, been in the red. There are few businesses in any industry that can say that. Twenty-six years ago, our yearly sales were around $4 million and this year we’ll see approximately $150 million. Best of all, year after year, we have returned those profits to our members.

We are proud of the help we provide our members. Our employees and professionally trained consultants in dairy, feed, agronomy, grain drying, storage and marketing, livestock, fuels, Napa Stores, Lifestyle Stores, lubes and much more have helped increase the efficiency, yield and profits of our farm members and by extension have helped local economies maintain their strength through good times and bad.

We have a new saying around here…”YEP”, Y-E-P stands for Yield, Efficiency and Profits, three pillars to a successful agricultural business. Every service and product we provide to our farm members is focused on one or more of those three areas of business success. It is also a word that comes naturally to us, because it is a friendly way to say yes:  Yep… we can help, yep… we have what your business or rural home needs, yep… we provide quality products….and best of all, yep, as a member of a cooperative, when we prosper, you prosper.

As we look forward to the future, excited about new products, services and acquisitions, as well as the continued development of the Omega Valley Farmers™, LLC feed and consumer products division, we will also never forget that Heartland Cooperative Services of Dorchester will always build on its foundation of Quality, Integrity and unmatched Service.
YEP, those are the principles that have helped us grow and give back to our members year after year. 
Dennis Schultz


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