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Verdesian may be the answer

View the information & videos on Verdesian
"Avail" - "NutriSphereN" & "More Than Manure"


TMR. Is Your TMR Equipment Performing As Designed?


Calf & Heifer

Rumensin for the Beef Production Herd

Cattle Lameness and it’s
Relationship to Cattle Handling

Weaning Is A
Great Time To Check BCS


It’s That Time Again!!  Foaling and Breeding Season!!



For after hours EMERGENCY fuel and propane deliveries please click the links below for your service area.  (Please note: Extra charges may be included for after hour calls).
Sheldon area       Marathon Area    Neillsville Area

Emergency information is also available by going directly to the Propane or Bulk Fuel pages.

Propane: Whats it good for?
Learn about Heartlands propane programs and how propane can help
your farm, home and business.

Our Automated Fuel Delivery (AFD) progam takes the worry out of ordering fuel.

Health & Safety

Confined Space Rescue Training
held in Dorchester

The United States
Environmental Protection Agency

has announced major changes to its 23 year old
Worker Protection Standards. 
This is vital information for all farmers and farmer works.
Please read and understand these new health saving measures!

STAYIN' ALIVE. Heartland Cooperative managers learn "Hands Only CPR, and so can you. 60 seconds can save a life!

 Stay Safe with Rollover Protection.

Heartland Donates to the Dorchester Community Emergency Services

National Saftey Month
Learn about prevetable deaths



Employment Opportunities in Dorchester and Marathon City



Omega Valley Farmers™

Heartland Cooperative now offers a revolutionary new "Naturally Derived Omega3" feeding concept. Click HERE to learn more



"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties."   -Abraham Lincoln

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DTN Farm Business
Thursday, July 28, 2016 12:35PM CDT
Prominent rural Democrats used a couple of forums this week at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia to attack Donald Trump and stress the importance of the rural vote in the fall election.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 6:32AM CDT
Whether it's a formal partnership or just sharing resources, collaboration can improve your business and family life, team farmers say.


WomeninAg: Want a Chance to Go to the White House?

- See more at: http://blogs.usda.gov/2015/07/24/womeninag-want-a-chance-to-go-to-the-white-house/#sthash.HFZAvcWY.dpuf

WomeninAg: Want a Chance to Go to the White House?

- See more at: http://blogs.usda.gov/2015/07/24/womeninag-want-a-chance-to-go-to-the-white-house/#sthash.HFZAvcWY.dpufUSDA/Microsoft “Innovation Challenge” Offers $60K in Prizes to Software Developers -
Study Finds Increasing Wood Pellet Demand Boosts Forest Growth, Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Creates Jobs -
Biomass energy markets are providing greenhouse gas benefits for Europe and can be a larger part of our domestic strategy as well.  The United States has committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 percent over the next 10 years. One component of that strategy could be to expand renewable energy generation from forest and agricultural biomass.

Why Test Seeds?

Seed quality equates to crop stand, yield, and overall value.  High quality seeds provide the foundation for meeting our food, medical and housing needs.

2014 Farm Bill Conservation Compliance:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that over 98.2 percent of producers have met the 2014 Farm Bill requirement to certify conservation compliance to qualify for crop insurance premium support payments.

Farm Reports

Nov: USDA Wi Chickens & eggs 11-23-15
Nov: USDA News Crop Data Release
Nov: USDA Crop Progress 11-30-15
Nov: USDA Wi Milk Prices 11-30-15
Nov: USDA Wi Monthly Prices

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A Shortage of Ag Educators and Applicants: September 02, 2016 by: Mike Austin

August Crop Production Numbers-How They Add Up: August 16, 2015 by Mike Austin

The Changing Face of FFA

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The Strength of Heartland Cooperative Services

In today’s world of big box stores and a one size fits all mentality, where quality and service often takes a back seat, it's nice to be a part of an organization like Heartland Cooperative Services of Dorchester. For decades, Heartland Co-ops' core-group of localized co-ops, has been dedicated to helping local farmers, agricultural businesses along with smaller north central Wisconsin city folks grow and prosper, as well as helping rural homeowners meet the challenges and enjoy the benefits of country living.

Because we keep quality and service high, prices competitive and expenses down, we have never, in the history of this co-op during my 28+ years at the helm, operated in the red. There are few businesses in any industry that can say that. Twenty-eight years ago, our yearly sales were around $4 million and this year we’ll see approximately $150 million. Best of all, year after year, we have returned those profits to our members...in the last 16 years only, Heartland has returned to it's patron customers, some $25 Million in the form of Cash and Stock!

We are proud of the help we provide our members. Our employees and professionally trained consultants in dairy, feed, agronomy, grain drying, storage and marketing, livestock, fuels, Napa Stores, Lifestyle Stores, lubes and much more have helped increase the efficiency, yield and profits of our farm members and by extension have helped local economies maintain their strength through good times and bad.

We have a new saying around here…”YEP”, Y-E-P stands for Yield, Efficiency and Profits, three pillars to a successful agricultural business. Every service and product we provide to our farm members is focused on one or more of those three areas of business success. It is also a word that comes naturally to us, because it is a friendly way to say yes:  Yep… we can help, yep… we have what your business or rural home needs, yep… we provide quality products….and best of all, yep, as a member of a cooperative, when we prosper, you prosper.

As we look forward to the future, we are always excited about bringing in new products, new services and new acquisitions that make economic sense. We are also working on the continual development of our Omega Valley Farmers™, LLC Feed and Consumer products division.
We will never forget that Heartland Cooperative Services was built on a foundation of Quality, Integrity and unmatched Services to it's owner/customers and that it will always be the Inventor / Early Adopter of technologies that make sense for it's customer base.
YEP, those are the principles that have helped us grow and give back to our members year after year. 
Dennis Schultz



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